9 practical ways to help you stop procrastinating

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9 practical ways to help you stop procrastinating

It’s two hours to an important deadline, the clock is ticking as you vigorously try to complete the task even though deep down you know you don’t have enough time. You begin to wonder how it got to this point since you had more than enough time to complete the project.

Was it really worth it frequently putting the task on hold so you can check up on the latest trends on social media?

How beneficial was all the time you spent delaying the start of the project in the guise of effective preparation?

These questions and many more run through your head as you contemplate the ramifications of missing the deadline.

Procrastination is one of the easiest traps to fall into. A false sense of security that we have more than enough time to carry out a particular activity, thereby depriving us of any sense of urgency.

In this article, we will explore different ways of effectively managing and prioritizing your workload in order to achieve the desired results at the desired time.

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Simplify your work

Simplify your work

Sometimes when faced with a task, the sheer magnitude of it all can get very overwhelming which may lead you to procrastinate.

Once you break it down into little parts, a task that seemed daunting now becomes a bit simpler and manageable. Focus solely on the immediate phase, get it done and then move to next one until you finally complete the entire project.

Set deadlines

Create a detailed timeline with specific deadlines

Having broken down your tasks into little parts, you need to create an overall timeline with deadlines for each part. This forces you to attach a sense of urgency to everything you have planned.

Eliminate distractions

Eliminate all Distractions

A crucial part of dealing with procrastination, is identifying the things that distract you and making a conscious effort to stay away from them.

In recent times, social media has become one of the major distractions that prevents most people from meeting their deadlines. Although it’s not feasible to delete or deactivate all social media accounts, disabling your notifications might go a long way to keep you focus on the task at hand.

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Positive influence

Engage with people that influence you positively

More often than not, the people we interact with on a regular basis have an impact on our attitude towards work and life in general.

The more time you spend with people who influence you positively and push themselves to do better, the more likely it is that you pick up on their energy and kick yourself into action.

Goal sharing

Share your goals with the people close to you

A great way of making sure you don’t lose sight of your goals, is by informing the people closest to you about the targets you’ve set. The occasional request for an update on your projects from these people, will serve as a constant reminder and a great way of keeping you accountable to your plans.

Set deadlines

Seek inspiration from accomplished people

One of the things that can really spark you into action is finding living proof that your goals are achievable.

Try to seek out and connect with people who have already accomplished what you seek to do. This will not only inspire you, but also make you believe that if you work hard at it you can also achieve that goal.

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Reexamine your goals

Re-examine your goals

Sometimes a disconnect between your goals and your current physical and emotional state might be the root cause of your procrastination.

There’s a certain transformation that happens with regards to our needs and wants as we mature and discover more about ourselves, but we often fail to update our goals to reflect that personal change. This sometimes results in a lack of enthusiasm towards these goals and causes us to procrastinate.

Re-aligning your goals to reflect your personal growth creates a beautiful synergy between your physical and emotional state, and that will help you rediscover the enthusiasm for your goals.

Suitable work environment

Create a suitable work environment

Our environment massively impacts our mental state which in turn massively impacts our productivity. Does your work station inspire you to work, or does it call for you to relax? If it’s the latter, then maybe you need to consider changing it.

Just do it

Just do it!

All the points stated above will count for nothing if you don’t decide to take action. Whatever it is is you’re procrastinating on, if you really want to get it done then get a grip on yourself, take inspiration from the slogan of Nike and JUST DO IT!

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