My healthy facial routines

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My healthy facial routines

Having healthy skin is vital to looking and feeling great. Below are a few ways I have learnt to keep my skin looking beautiful and healthier than ever.

Cleansing (keep your face clean)

It is important to wash your face if you want to have healthy looking skin. This is a vital part of any skincare routine. The environment and our contact with dirt, pollutants and other components affect our skin. These must be gently removed by washing twice daily preferably in the morning and the evening.

If you engage in activities that require contact with dirt during the day, then simply washing with cold or lukewarm water is important. It is also efficient to find a cleanser that works best for you. Whether your skin is naturally oily, dry or sensitive, you must use a cleanser or face wash that caters to your skin type.

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Face moisturizer


The fundamental purpose of moisturizing the skin is to keep it hydrated, soft and smooth. Likewise, moisturizers help prevent the loss of water through the outer layers of our skin. Contrary to common belief, even oily skin needs moisturizer. They add to the naturally found protective oils and other developing zones within the skin.

Also, as we age our skin eventually loses the capacity to withhold or retain moisture and activities like washing can also add to this phenomenon. Hence, using a moisturizer especially one which is tailored to your skin type is extremely important. It will give you the kind of results you expect.

Using night cream

Using night cream

There are certain moisturizers that work best for the daytime. These ones protect your skin from harsh weather and pollutants in the atmosphere while you are out and about. However, night creams work differently. They support the repair of damage which may have occurred during the day or due to moisturizers that are harsh on the skin.

They similarly revitalize your skin’s moisture levels which are prone to decrease at night. These night creams will enrich your skin with emollients which usually form or create a healthy and rich skin texture.

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Drink lots of water

Drinking lots of water

Drinking lots of water helps with flushing out toxins from the body. This helps in the prevention of acne for healthier looking skin. Experts recommend drinking 2.7 litres of water a day. This will keep your skin glowing and looking supple. Likewise, drinking a reasonable amount of water a day helps in maintaining your pH balance including the prevention of premature ageing.

To make drinking lots of water more exciting you can add lemon, mint, or cut fruit. You can also use sparkling water as an alternative to carbonated and sugary drinks. If you ensure to be consistent you will have the best results.

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Doing exercise


Exercises promote healthy blood circulation and any activity which does this ultimately helps with healthy skin. The increase of blood flow improves the nourishment of your skin including flushing out cellular waste out of the system. This reduces skin conditions like acne and eczema.

Additionally, exercise supports the reduction of stress which is a major contributor to poorly looking skin. For this reason exercising often for a few days in the week will leave you feeling and looking like your best self.

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