6 ways to handle your frustrations

Kwame Yandah
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6 ways to handle your frustrations

Frustration is one of the most basic emotions we all experience from time to time. From dealing with the stress of finding solutions to the numerous obstacles in our professional and personal lives, to finding a way around unpleasant situations caused by external forces beyond our control, the list of things that can cause a person to get frustrated is seemingly endless.

Finding a way to deal with frustration is key to living a good life, here are 6 simple and practical ways to overcome frustration.

Just breathe


It may sound simple but breathing is actually one of the best ways to suppress frustration. Breathing has been proven to have a calming effect on the brain, and can help you resist any form of compulsive action. Breathing exercises such as pausing to take a deep breath, counting to five as you repeatedly breathe in and out can help you relax and calm down whenever you feel you have been pushed to the edge.

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Alter your perspective

Alter your perspective

Your outlook on situations massively contribute to how you react to them. Try to find the silver lining and put a positive spin on challenging circumstances. This is by no means a call to engage in denial, but rather a way of motivating yourself to find solutions to your problems instead of succumbing to them which will lead to you falling into a state of frustration.

Talk to someone

Talk to someone

Positive human interaction can be a great help in times of frustration. Talking to a trusted friend, family member or even someone who is specially trained in dealing with human emotions such as a therapist or counselor can have a great impact on you in times of difficulty.

Sometimes just opening up to someone you trust about something that is eating you up can help you feel so much better, as it allows you to get rid of bottled up feelings. There is also the added possibility of finding solutions to your problems from such interactions.

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Monitor your progress

Monitor your progress

It is very easy to get caught up in all the negative things happening in your life causing you to lose sight of whatever progress you have made. Tracking your progress every now and then will serve as a reminder that there are still things you can be proud of, and this will help tone down your level of frustration.

Self care


Frustration can lead to tension and anxiety which not only has an effect on your mental health but can also affect your body chemistry. Make time to treat yourself by doing the things or going to the places you love.

Proper self care helps you to relax and allows your body to rejuvenate from all the built up tensions brought upon it by the constant challenges in your daily routine.

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Doing exercise


Engaging in physical activity is one of the best ways of dealing with frustration. Exercising in a natural and calm environment will help keep you refreshed and reduce the level of tension in your system. Calm mental exercise such as meditation can also be of great help.

There is always going to be a situation, a person or something that will get you frustrated every now and then, but it is necessary to figure out a way to handle such emotions so they don’t have a negative effect on your personality and life in general.


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