Know your Vodafone Ghana data bundle offers (2024)

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Know your Vodafone Ghana data bundle offers (2024)

Getting value for money when purchasing internet data is one of the most important needs of every consumer. Vodafone Ghana prides itself as one of the internet service providers in Ghana with the most affordable data packages.

Regardless of your internet habits, demands or consumption rate, Vodafone Ghana has the perfect data bundle for you to enjoy.

By dialing *700# and following the simple prompts, you can unlock a wide range of exciting data offers to meet your specific needs.

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Value Offers

Vodafone’s “Value Offers” data package is designed for anyone looking for a short term data package for regular use. This bundle has an expiration time between 1 to 5 days.

  • 450MB - GHS 3 (1 day)
  • 800MB - GHS 5 (3 days)
  • 1.2GB - GHS 10 (5 days)
  • 2.5GB - GHS 20 (5 days)

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2 Moorch No Expiry Data

If you’re looking for a bundle offer with no expiration date, then the 2 Moorch offer is the right package for you. Subscribers can enjoy this package without fear of losing their data once it expires.

  • 20MB - 50p
  • 50MB - GHS 1
  • 120MB - GHS 2
  • 550MB - GHS 5
  • 1GB - GHS 10
  • 2GB - GHS 20
  • 4.5GB - GHS 50
  • 10GB - GHS 100
  • 30GB - GHS 200
  • 90GB - GHS 300
  • 190GB - GHS 400

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Night King Bundles

As the name suggests, this bundle is specially made for night owls as it’s only applicable during the hours of 12AM to 4AM. Netflix, Youtube and people who love downloading movies online can save up on their data expenditure by taking advantage of this affordable data package. Dial *700# select the Night King option to unlock these offers.

  • 3.5GB - GHS 2
  • 9GB - GHS 3

Monthly Data

Vodafone has a number of exciting monthly offers for its subscribers. This bundle lasts exactly 30 days and comes in different price range. Although this is a monthly bundle, you are not limited to the number of times you can subscribe to it within the month.

  • 2.5GB - GHS 20
  • 5GB - GHS 50
  • 12GB - GHS 100
  • 35GB - GHS 200
  • 100GB - GHS 300
  • 200GB - GHS 400

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Hourly Bundle

This bundle is perfect for those times when you just need a substantial amount of data for a quick project, to download a large file, or stream a video online. Although this bundle expires within an hour, you can subscribe to this offer as many times as you want during the day.

  • 400MB - GHS 1
  • 1GB - GHS 2

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Vodafone Cash Special Offer

This data offer is specially made for users of Vodafone Cash, therefore you can only access it by using the Vodafone Cash shortcode *110# and selection option 3 for “Airtime and Data Bundles”.

  • 250MB - GHS 2.5 (1 day)
  • 800MB - GHS 3.5 (1 day)
  • 1.3GB - GHS 4.5 (1 day)

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