8 signs of depression you must not overlook

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8 signs of depression you must not overlook

It is perfectly normal to feel down every now and then, considering the high levels of stress we are exposed to in our daily lives, an occasional sense of sadness and despair is no cause for alarm. However, if these feelings among others appear to last for a long period of time then you may be steering towards the realms of depression.

An awareness of the symptoms and warning signs of depression can help you seek help at an early stage before things get worse. Here are 8 signs you might be going through some form of depression.

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Loss of hope

Loss of hope

Depression massively impacts your outlook on life and leaves you feeling hopeless and helpless. It affects your will, desire and overall motivation. Most psychologists consider this to be the most common symptom of depression.

Dealing with suicidal thoughts

Suicidal thoughts

Research has shown that most suicide victims exhibited signs of depression prior to their demise. People with suicidal tendencies tend to reach out to those around them by their actions and inactions and sometimes with the statements they make.

If you notice someone or even yourself having suicidal thoughts, it is very necessary you seek help immediately.

Loss of interest

No interest

Another popular sign of depression is a loss of interest in activities that used to excite you. These may include your hobbies, time with your friends and loved ones, work, or even sex.

Depression can inhibit your ability to derive pleasure in the things you used to love, making you coil into your own shell.

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Sleep problems and fatigue

Sleep problems and fatigue

People suffering from depression often have sleep related problems, either not having enough sleep or doing it excessively. Depression also comes with a decrease in energy levels which leads to a constant feeling of fatigue.

Reckless behaviour

Reckless behaviour

Psychology experts believe many people suffering from depression tend to act out and engage in reckless or dangerous behaviour as a form of escapism. These may include alcohol or drug abuse, reckless driving among others.



Depression creates a feeling of worthlessness within a person. It leaves one feeling inadequate or incomplete. You tend to give yourself a hard time, over criticizing yourself about every little mistake you make.

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Angry man


Depression easily makes one irritable or quick to anger. With so much restlessness and agitation going on within the individual, their level of tolerance is greatly reduced causing them to lash out at the least provocation.

Loss of appetite

Change in appetite and weight

It is fairly common for people going through some form of depression to experience either a drastic increase or decrease in appetite. This change in desire for food will have an impact in the weight gain or loss of the individual depending on what change in appetite they experience.

Depression is a very serious condition which when not treated can lead to devastating consequences. Just as with any condition, early detection is key to overcoming it. Therefore, it is very important you look out for these signs to know whether you or even a loved one might be going through a state of depression so you can get the necessary help needed to bounce back.

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